You really cannot understand how badly I want this…

who postet that Marquez fan boys/girls thing?!!! i'll kick his ass!!!

— Anonymous

I have no idea, I found the screenshot on twitter (and btw, it sounds like a girl, I mean, “While girls.. we”… 

I wanna kick their ass too

Let me just tell you a thing: People like you are the reason why we girls who love sports are never taken seriously. I’ve been here for almost 7 years now, ever since he set a foot in the world championship, I’ve literally seen Marc grow up. I couldn’t care less about his face. I love the rider and person he is, how happy he is, how much freaking talent he has. I was here when times were rough. I was here when he was crowned world champion. I was here when he was injured. I was here when he was down. I’ve witnessed every single one of his races in the world championship. I have dedicated my time to him because the damn kid manages to make me smile no matter what. He could be ugly as fuck and I would still be here because I’m here for the racing. I’ve seen a shy kid become a confident man. And there’s nothing wrong in saying that he’s an attractive lad, because he is. But don’t assume that everybody is like you. Don’t assume all girls are here for his pretty face. Because girls can actually like the sport and him racing. Because I fell in love with a fearless kid on a bike before seeing his face.
By the way, I’m a girl and both my phone and computer wallpaper are of Marc riding his bike in full suit. Don’t assume so quickly that everybody is like you.

Marc vs Álex 

in which Álex tries to cheat but ends up losing to Marc anyway

Because we all know that being serious is not his thing

When you find this in your ask share five facts about yourself and then pass it on to your ten favorite followers <3

— Anonymous

5 more? Oh, well, let’s see:

1.- I have a soft spot for smiley/giggly/happy dorks *cough Marc cough*. In all seriousness, my favourite character/person of whichever fandom I’m into (music, sports, books, films…) tends to be the smiley dork x) I love happy people, as they never fail to make me smile :3

2.- I am a good listener and will try to give you the best advice I can.

3.- If I share something I love with you, it means I trust you enough to share a little piece of me with you: It’s another one of my wordless compliments.

4.- I am extremely protective of everybody and everything I love. It’s okay if you don’t like them, but do not insult them or we’ll have a huge problem basically you will not escape alive.

5.- I am a perfectionist. In every single aspect of my life I can get to be very annoying but people have actually congratulated me about it so…

If there’s a next time, I’ll ask my friends and I’ll post whatever they say cause I do really not know what else to say about me.

u know the song of simple plan: this song saved my life what do u think about it? do u like it?

— Anonymous

Of course I know it, it’s one of my favourites by them ever!

I love the story behind it, that they wanted a song by the fans for the fans. It’s such a great song, it describes the relationship a lot of people have with music, it has saved so many lives. Music hasn’t saved my life, but it has certainly made it better. It’s the only thing along with sports that has never judged me, it has always welcomed me with open arms, even when everybody let me down, music was there for me. This song describes my relationship with music. Music has helped me become who I am today, I see myself in it. It is my escape from the world, it makes me feel better and lets me know that it is actually okay to be myself. Even when life treats me like shit or people try to bring me down, I know music will be there for me, no matter what. So yeah, I love this song <3

Sorry for the long paragraph but this song gives me so many feels that I can’t help writing a lot about it, I mean it basically describes what music is for me