¿Estas estudiando periodismo o quieres estudiarlo?

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Estoy en 2º de Bachillerato y quiero estudiarlo :)

Hello! I would like to ask if you have any information about Marc Marquez's private life and whether he has a girlfriend or not? If so, who is she? :) Thank you in advance! :)

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I’m tired of this. I hate these questions. I am not interested in his private life, why are you? WHY? 

What is your dream??

— Anonymous

Becoming a MotoGP reporter :)

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1. How much did you miss motogp during winter?

It cannot be put into words, it really can’t xD

2. Who is your favourite driver and what makes him special to you?

Marc because I’ve grown up with him. I’ve witnessed his transformation from kid to adult, from scared to confident. Plus him and his smile have always been there for me when I needed to be cheered up. He’s gone through so much yet he never stops smiling… He’s such a great role model for kids :’) I cannot explain how much he means to me.

3. Which race do you want to visit the most?

Phillip Island. I love the circuit and I love Australia.

4. Which driver do you want to meet?

(I’d say Marc, but that’s too obvious, so let’s not say Marc even if he’s the one I want to meet). Valentino. I’d like to thank him for making racing exciting and for keeping on fighting even when some people said his time was over. Also for being the great and happy champion that he is, and how he praises the new talents *cough Marc cough* when they defeat him and prove their talent :3

5. Do you ever want to get married?

I don’t know yet. It’ll depend on whom I will spend my life with, I guess.

6. What would you do if your favourite rider would ask you to marry or date him?

If we had known each other and we liked each other, then why not? I like relationships based on friendship, not mere physical attraction. 

7. Which place do you want to visit the most?

Australia is the first on the list. Then we have Greece, Italy, Egypt (talk about love for ancient cultures xD)

8. Would you ever be umbrella girl?

If I had more clothes on, yes x) 

9. What do you think you are good at?

Making bracelets, taking care of people, being the responsible one. Idk, my friends say I’m good at being the confident one.

10. What makes you special?

Idk, maybe the fact that I’m fighting for my dream and I do not admit defeat? 

11. Do you like to sing?

I like to sing, but I’m not good at it xD

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1. Which rider do you dislike the most in MotoGP and why?

Jorge Lorenzo. I’ve never liked him, he’s always been kind of full of himself, in my opinion. He’s a great rider, but it’s his attitude what I don’t like about him. Sorry.

2. Where would you most like to visit?

Australia :)

3. What would you name your future children?

I’m not sure yet, but probably something related to Greek mythology; a hero’s name, a city (Ithaca for a girl is just asdhgfjdhksdaslkdj) or even a god. I don’t really like the common spanish names x)

4. Favorite race track and why?

Gosh, this is such a difficult one >.< It’s like asking who you love more, your mother or your father. Erm, I’ll go with Phillip Island because I love that track and the kid has done so many great races there…

5. Any nicknames?

I’ll admit that my friends occasionally call me “Mami Marta” (which would be “mum Marta”) because even though I’m the youngest of all, I am the most responsible one and who will take care of everybody (I sometimes totally behave like a mother) xD

6. Favourite flavour of ice cream?

Stracciatella :3

7. MotoGP or F1?

MotoGP. Without a doubt.

8. Do you own/ridden a motorbike?

No, I don’t :(

9. Been to any MotoGP races?

No, I haven’t D: (my life is sad >.<)

10. Favourite colour?


11. Tea or Coffee?

Actually, neither xD 

Gonna break the rules, I really can’t think of eleven new questions -.-‘

Who is the most popular in Spain? Marc, Dani or Jorge?

— Anonymous

Up until Marc came around, people were pretty much split between Dani and Jorge (and Vale, there’s a huge amount of Rossi fans here, how can you even not like that guy), but since Marc came around, a lot of people have “changed sides”, so to speak. Some have grown tired of Dani not winning the Championship after so many years (sorry Dani’s fans) and others have grown tired of listening to Jorge’s excuses (again, sorry Jorge’s fans), so a lot are now supporting Marc. I guess you could say Marc is currently the most popular one in Spain, mostly because he’s won the championship and has proven to be a real champion that is happy racing and not just winning. People like the fact that such a young guy has his feet on the ground and is a hard-worker who admits his mistakes and can rarely be been without a smile on rather than somebody complaining about his bike or his rivals. He’s won the fans over (and has been doing so since 125cc) by working his ass off and showing how much talent he has. So yeah, Dani and Jorge still have their fanbases, but I’d say Marc’s the leader when it comes to popular support :)

What was your first impression when you saw young Marc? Did you have the idea to visit Cervera? :)

— Anonymous

I thought he was way too small, but I liked the way he raced (taking into account the fact that he had to have 20 extra kg on the bike cause he did not reach the minimum 136 kg of bike+rider) and I was impressed with how brave and talented he seemed :3 I remember thinking “This kid’s gonna be great” and heck, I foresaw the future xD
I’ve thought about visiting Cervera, yes, but it’s on the other end of the country >.

Do you ride a motorcycle?

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Sadly, I don’t (blame my overprotective mother and my “do-what-your-mother-says” father)